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Our products

Every device we develop is designed to integrate easily with other systems

Together, they work as building blocks for any project, regardless of scale


With Energomaster submeter, you’re ready to meet the challenges of smart city projects and Industry 4.0
We’ve developed with your future in mind.

Our technology stack

Wireless sensors

Our sensors communicate with the local gateway (Homebase) using our custom Chirp protocol on 434/868Hz. We have selected a custom protocol optimized for battery life and higher density. Other radio protocols possible on request.

Communication protocols

The gateway and selected standalone sensors communicate with our cloud system using industry standard protocols MQTT and MQTT-SN over WiFI, 2G and NB-IoT.  Other protocols and integrations possible on request.

Applications and integrations

Our cloud based applications collect, process and store data in real-time, visualize them for users and provide a range of integrations to third party systems. This also includes device management applications and applications for building and site administrators.

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