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How do we work

We transform your needs and ideas into full-stack IoT solutions

Tell us your idea – we’ll come up with a product

Expect a complete service

Analyzing your opportunities and potential risks is the first step of every project. We aim for the best possible outcome, building on our previous experience.

A flexible approach – using the existing components from our portfolio – reduces your costs. We seek the most effective way to integrate them into your systems.

A complete project that involves testing, iteration, deployment, and documentation.  Our team will train your staff and make sure the technology is easy to run for you.

Our process in 6 steps

Step 1


We ask about your needs

We’ll meet two or three times to discuss your project. To understand your needs and constraints, we ask a lot of questions. The more we know, the better solution we can propose.


Expert minds get together

Our software and hardware experts devise a solution for you. Efficiency and longevity always come first. Mind you, we might propose a slightly different solution from the one you originally envisioned. If this is the case, we'll explain why in detail.


We prototype and iterate 

Testing and iterations are always involved in the development of hardware devices.Software projects begin with an initial version of the app or data processing service. We then iterate and perfect the solution. The testing phase may reveal new constraints or needs, requiring us to return to the drawing board. This ensures the best results.


Pilot deployment

Once the prototype proves viable, a pilot deployment follows. During this phase, we make sure that the technology works as expected. This step prevents the risk of mistakes in full-scale production. Typically, this phase takes a few weeks on small projects. Several months are more likely for big ones.


Production deployment

Now it's time for the full deployment to your users. Most of the time, scaling up is all it takes. In our experience, this phase runs smoothly since all requirements have been verified and the solution has been thoroughly tested.


Support and evolution

Our team provides technical support and manages the entire deployment process. Insights gained along the way help us adapt the solution for future deployments based on your needs.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Some of our successful projects

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