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Fast, accurate, and versatile IoT sub-meter

The universal, smart electricity sub-meter Energomaster can be used for a range of applications where fast and accurate information on power consumption or production is needed, optionally complemented by universal digital inputs and outputs, i.e. for monitoring and production control.


Energomaster is the ideal solution for Industry 4.0, smart city, microgrids, monitoring efficiency and other clever energy solutions of the 21st century. Data measured by Energomaster is sent via a communication interface (optional LTE, WiFi, LoRaWAN, etc.) to monitoring and management systems at adjustable intervals (5 seconds – 60 minutes). The MQTT and CoAP standards are used for data transmission.

  • Monitors electricity consumption accurately, in real-time 

  • Monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and power failures

  • 3 phases, up to 9 individual circuits, and two digital inputs monitored by one device

  • Two digital outputs

  • Wide range of communication interfaces (per client’s request: LTE, WiFi, LoRaWAN and others)

  • Industry standard interfaces for connecting to monitoring and management systems (MQTT, CoAP, DLMS/COSEM)


Full featured Internet connected smart meter with a small footprint and up to 9 individually measured circuits. Flexible, for a variety of applications of all sizes.


Examples of use

Examples of use in Industry 4.0 installation
Sample household photovoltaic installation

Other use cases

  • Smart industry measuring points (Industry 4.0)

  • Industrial machinery consumption and performance 

  • Smart mobility solutions – measure charging/discharge for electromobile applications

  • Demand response management systems (DERMS)

  • Building and facility consumption monitoring with high resolution 

  • Microgrids

  • PV installations, including on-site consumption and measurement of both import and export of energy from/to the grid 

  • HVAC equipment performance and efficiency

  • Heat pump performance monitoring and efficiency

  • Public lighting consumption and real-time switching/monitoring (Smart city applications)

  • Remote sites monitoring of consumption and activity (blackouts, unusual loads, underperforming equipment) in telecom, grid infrastructure, gas and water pumping operations, etc.

  • Monitoring of load balance for large equipment or facility to prevent uneven distribution of loads

  • Calculate the electrical cost for individual projects for accurate budgeting

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