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Green energy 

Produce, use and share green energy
Save costs, increase your independence
Reduce your carbon footprint

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The climate and energy crisis poses complex challenges

We respond with complete solutions

Green energy production and sharing are part of our response to the climate crisis and energy security threats. Manage and optimize your renewable energy resources for the best performance – save costs and increase your independence.

Large commercial, industrial, and municipal projects are our main focus. We address complex energy needs and optimize production and consumption balance. Our solutions also include energy sharing, trading, and flexibility services.

Detailed data is essential for reducing power usage effectively. Our systems monitor both the production and consumption of energy and allow our customers to make the right plans and informed decisions

Our vision for low carbon energy future

Our vision


The cheapest energy is the one that you don't need to buy or generate

Estimates show that at least 20% of power consumption is wasteful. This energy could be saved without impacting our economy or comfort in any way. To address this issue, we’ll collect precise data for you to make smart decisions about energy savings.


Electric heating and transport deliver 2–4 times better efficiencies

Electrified heating and transport, together with optimized industrial processes, offer a path to emission-free solutions. Especially when we use green energy instead of fossil fuels. Only 1MWh of PV/wind energy is needed when used by heat pumps, as opposed to 4MWh from coal or natural gas. This saves 2–4 metric tons of CO2. When it comes to transport, 10MWh of emission-free electricity in electric vehicles replaces at least 3–4 000 liters of petrol or diesel (30–40MWh of energy content) and prevents 7–9 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Renewable resources

Electricity from renewables is also the cheapest 

Not just for your consumption, but also for sharing, if you couple them with storage, optimized local consumption in microgrids, and grid services. Additionally, you can increase the use of cheap green energy by electrification of transport, heating, and your industrial processes.

Demand response / shaping

Collecting and using precise data to minimize peaks and equalize grid loads

Demand response can compensate for the volatile nature of renewable sources. Shifting energy-intensive usage and controlling local accumulation (thermal and battery-based) can effectively support your systems that use a large proportion of intermittent renewable resources.


Storage and accumulation

To be effective, green energy has to be stored and accumulated in scale

Our solutions involve battery-based, lithium-ion, and redox flow technology, as well as thermal-based options using thermodynamic processes. Thermal energy can be accumulated through water tanks, heating systems or freezers  (without the need for lithium batteries). These systems are managed locally, but also become a part of demand response/shaping solutions.


Photovoltaics, batteries and heat pumps are most effective when shared 

Microgrids and community grids allow for efficient investments into green energy resources (PV and battery and heat pumps). Sharing them enhances efficiency – the intermittency is then balanced by the averaged usage profiles. Sharing the roof space solves potential space constraints; collective investments are more feasible.

Our vision 2

Our green energy services


Photovoltaic and battery projects
with added value

Energy savings, increased independence

Besides photovoltaics and battery installations, our solutions involve:

  • a variety of energy accumulation methods

  • consumption scheduling (heating, hot water, freezers, industrial processes)

  • electrification (heat pumps, electric vehicles charging)

  • monitoring of energy production and consumption

  • energy sharing within microgrids

  • batteries for peak shaving and other energy services (see below)

How do we do it:

We analyze your energy consumption and consider your energy production and accumulation options. Then we assess energetically significant industrial processes or behavior patterns. Finally, we design optimal solutions – usually a few options to choose from. We engineer the selected solution and assist you with all the building permits and subsidies. And then, of course, we build it.

For whom:

Logistic and industrial parks, office and apartment buildings, hotels, schools, municipal and community projects.


Energy services

Long-term prices guaranteed, income from green energy production
How do we do it:

We can provide a full or shared investment into your photovoltaics and battery project. Another possibility is extending your existing photovoltaic projects with more batteries and other components. Once the project is up and running, the excess energy and battery capacity are used for trading and flexibility services for the grid. PPA agreements with other customers to share your energy are also possible.

We share the profits with our customers through long-term energy cost guarantees and/or guaranteed income (depending on the initial investment ratio).

For whom:

Industrial and commercial customers, municipal and community projects that have roof space, brownfield areas, and good grid connectivity at their disposal.


Photovoltaic components

Reliable supply of photovoltaic technology, strong international partnerships
How do we do it:

We import photovoltaic components (panels, batteries, and inverters) for other companies that build PV systems, both for residential and commercial grade systems. Residential- and commercial-grade batteries will become part of our portfolio in 2023.

For whom:

Photovoltaic companies or larger individual customers seeking a reliable source of panels and batteries at reasonable prices, sold in container or pallet quantities.

We provide our green energy services in partnership with Belgian company C-energy and their Chinese suppliers: Sunergy and Golen.

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