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Solutions for carbon-free future

Reduce your costs
Use IoT and green energy

What do we do?

Energostack specializes in monitoring and controlling energy consumption and production. Our solutions will lower your costs and increase your security and independence.

We have all you need to make a smooth transition to greater efficiency and energy security. The experience, the know-how, the technology

Why choose Energostack?

Having developed energy-efficient systems for 10 years, we’re ready for the future. Green energy is becoming mainstream and you can leverage our solutions. 

Take advantage of our experience with planning, deployment, monitoring, and analyses.

  • We develop both the hardware and software in-house. 

  • Our solutions are fully customizable to meet your demands. 

  • We optimize our systems’ firmware for power consumption and extremely long battery life. 

  • Our scalable platform ensures smooth operation.

We love our partners and customers. Let’s work together

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You have a project

We have the solution


Agile development – fast response to market


Fast PoC deployment and testing


Robust security and privacy


Ready-to-use components


Cost efficiency with large-volume orders


Easily scalable systems

Working together with Energostack is always a breeze. With their knowledge you know beforehand what you are getting into and what might or might not work well, their experience speeds up the develoment process significantly giving us the ability to act quickly on the market changes.

F.B.  /  C-scan NV

Applications for data visualization

A white-label application

A powerful application that is easily customizable to show only the essential data points based on your needs. Its simple and clean design makes it easy to operate for end users. Well designed user roles and system hierarchy supports large scale deployments with many sites and thousands of devices. Streamlined installation process allows fast deployment. For greater scalability, cost predictability, and high uptime, we run the app in our cloud.

End-user interface

Intuitive design for easy individual use


Facility management

A dashboard for large-scale installations 



Accurate, and highly versatile IoT sub-meter 

Get precise data about your power consumption – fast and efficiently. Energomaster is our most advanced platform with numerous applications.

It’s a perfect solution for Industry 4.0, smart cities, and microgrids. 

  • Precise and real-time power consumption monitoring

  • Gathers data on voltage, current, energy, and power failures

  • 3 phases, up to 9 individual circuits, 

  • 2 digital inputs monitored by one device, 2 digital outputs

  • Wide range of communication interface options (e.g. LTE, WiFi, LoRaWAN)

  • Interfaces for connecting to systems such as MQTT, CoAP, and DLMS/COSEM


Some of our successful projects

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